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Wow! Stuff Peppa Pig Clever Plane Toy, White


  • DETECTS MOTION - Have hours of fun take Peppa on a fun journey in Miss Rabbits plane; The Clever aeroplane detects movement "turning left" and "turning right"; Landing and take off detection will inspire everyone to take Peppa on an exciting adventure
  • 25+ SOUNDS & LIGHTS - Peppa's Clever plane's cockpit will light up green or red when flying and tilted; Just like a real plane! Press the action announcer button on the handle to hear additional fun phrases
  • PLAY FIGURES - Featuring a removable Miss Rabbit seated in the Pilots seat and Peppa Pig; Also has a location available to add other figures from other Peppa Clever products such as Peppa’s Clever Train; Accessible cargo hold opens to allow storage ready for a great trip!

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